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Mt Egmont, North Island
New Zealand backcountry trekking, backpacking, tramping,hiking, walking in exceptional spectacular remote areas of New Zealand's Lord of the Rings scenery in backcountry New Zealand. Tramping, hiking , walking or backpacking check out exceptional spectacular scenery hikes, hiking trails, camping available in our New Zealand backpacking back country trails. Explore, experience and enjoy Lord of the Rings spectacular scenery throughout backcountry New Zealand.

Ever thought of five days bush bashing in the Leslie Karamea or traversing the Waiau Pass in the Travers Sabine over to St James Walkway is a good idea but it remains just that? For many people balancing work with three weeks annual leave makes multi- day trips infrequent. Instead, single day, missions like backcountry biking, off-road running, ice climbing lcaol falls or walking in the foothills easily fit into your lifestyle. You can squeeze a quick fix out of any 12 hour time slot that has a Meterological Service guarantee.


Tama Lakes
Create A Safe Environment Exploring the New Zealand Backcountry

NZ Mountain Safety Council NZMSC -New Zealand Mountain Safety Council was formed in 1966 in response to a growing concern over an increasing number of accidents in the bush and mountains. Representatives from a number of government and recreational organisations formed an incorporated society with the goal of enhancing safety in outdoor adventure activities.

Department of Conservation - DOC is a government organisation charged with conserving the natural and historic heritage of New Zealand. DOC maintains the majority of tracks and huts in the New Zealand backcountry, and operates visitor centres throughout the country. www.

NZ Outdoor Instructors Association

New Zealand Outdoor Instructor’s Association was established in 1986,to provide a nationally recognised assessment scheme for outdoor instructors. The scheme is performance based, reflecting the minimum requirements for a person to lead or instruct others in a given environment and situation. Presently NZOIA administers a nationally recognised award scheme for bush, alpine, abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and caving.


NZ Land Search & Rescue Inc

SAR Operations in New Zealand can be separated into three main categories :-

  1. Land Searches

  2. Small area sea searches close to shore

  3. 3. Wide area sea/air searches

Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre

- Courses and skills for all age groups. The OPC vision is to provide education using outdoor pursuits to New Zealanders, particularly youth and those disadvantaged. OPC offers full range of programmes cater for school students, special needs groups such as the hearing and intellectually challenged, and also for adults who come to learn outdoor skills, leadership, team building, and more about themselves.

Environmental Care Code

Toitu te whenua (Leave the land undisturbed). 

A growing number of people enjoy outdoor recreation. Many of us like to visit our rural, backcountry, coastal and road-end areas. With this rise in use has come an increasing impact on the natural environment. Damaged plants, unsightly rubbish, eroding short cuts, polluted water, and deteriorating facilities are now more common.

Federated Mountain Clubs - Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand (FMC) is the national association of over 100 tramping, mountaineering, skiing, and mountain-biking clubs. We have a total of some 14,000 members. FMC's objectives are to promote these activities, to promote training and safe use of the backcountry and to promote its preservation and sound management. We also work to protect rights of access to the countryside.

NZ Mountain Radio Service - Mountain Radio Service is a safety communications service for use by trampers, mountaineers and others venturing into the bush and mountain areas of New Zealand


Safety Information - Detailed information on New Zealand tracks, track changes, safety information





























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