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Hiking and Tramping the New Zealand bush (forests) can be extremely dangerous if you are not properly prepared and equipped. New Zealand weather can change rapidly without warning. If you don't have the right equipment you may die from hypothermia.

New Zealand Mountain Radio provides up-to-date information about weather and conditions. It can be very cold at any time of the year. Always be physically and mentally prepared for the worst conditions and be ready to change your trip plans if necessary.


If you are going into the backcountry for a few days you may want to hire a new zealand mountain radio or emergency locator beacon

Mountain Radio - What Is It?

New Zealand Mountain Radio Service is a safety communications service for use by trampers, mountaineers and others venturing into the bush and mountain areas of New Zealand. In conjunction with other mountain radio services it provides communication coverage over the entire country.

Mountain Radios - How Does They Work?

Users of the Service hire a small (1.2kg) portable radiotelephone, which they collect from the depot (see bookings for details including location of depots) prior to commencing an expedition.

Before sked the user erects the wire antenna supplied - this takes 8-10 minutes (tie a stone to one end, throw it over a tree and tie it to a branch; repeat for the other end, pulling the centre up as high as possible; connect the centre feeder to the radio) - and turns the set to the required channel as shown in the information given with each set.


Radio Communications - information on MRS, PLB's, Cell phones and Satellite phones. - PDF FIle radio_communications_2005.pdf (353.47 KBs)

Radio Communications - information on the Mountain Radio Service
Mountain Radio Coverage

Coverage includes all the mountain areas of the North and South Islands, and Stewart Island. Essentially the entire country is covered, although the need for space to erect the aerial (approximately 45m of wire), and the need to be away from sources of interference means that use in urban or industrial areas is unsatisfactory.

Mountain Radio Contacts or FAQ Questions
Canterbury Mountain Radio Service
Wellington Mountain Radio Service


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