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New Zealand Manawatu Sledge Track

Discover one of Manawatu's newest one day hiking track walkway adventures - the Sledge Track in the Kahuterawa Valley, Palmerston North City,Manawatu Region, New Zealand.

Manawatu Sledge Track Kahuterawa Valley Information for trampers and day hikers:


Sledge Track is located at the end of Kahuterawa Road, a 17 km drive from the Palmerston North City Centre taking 20 - 25 minutes. Leave Palmerston North City via Summerhill Drive, turn right into Turitea Road, and veer right to follow Old West Road (SH 57). Take a left into Kahuterawa Road; continue down this road until it ends at Kahuterawa car park, where picnic tables and a eco-toilet are provided for your convenience.

Sledge Track starts some 200 metres from the car park where an interpretation board and map is located. The Track branches to the left of the Black Bridge and follows the red line on the map.

Sledge Track is suitable for a wide range of fitness levels. The first part of the track up to the 'Swimming Hole and Picnic Table' is suitable for families with small children, and up to 'Argyle Rocks' should suit most schools groups, while beyond 'The Elevation' is suitable for experienced trampers only. Mostly undulating, the track climbs gradually as it meanders along the picturesque Kahuterawa Stream. From 'The Elevation' the track takes on a new dimension and should only be negotiated by experienced trampers with a moderate to high fitness level. From 'The Elevation' it would take experienced trampers approximately 3 1/2 - 4 hours to complete the Hardings Park Loop tracks and return to 'The Elevation' point .
Official Opening
Officially opened on 6 April 2003 by Prime Minister, Right Honourable Helen Clark, the track is the result of a partnership between Palmerston North City Council and a team of volunteers led by a local retired farmer, Mr Ian Argyle
Mr Argyle first proposed the development of the track to Council in 1999, receiving an enthusiastic reception at this opportunity to add to the City's walkway network. Over the succeeding years, and following the original survey of the old road, Mr Argyle aided by volunteers, proceeded to open-up and clear what would become know as the 'Sledge Track". GPS (Global Positioning System) readings and old survey maps guided these developments to ensure the track followed the original road to the point where it linked up with the loop tracks within Hardings Park (861 hectares of native bush at the southern end of Turitea Water Catchment Reserve), now a classified Scenic Reserve.
Official Opening Track
Public Opening Track
Wild Orchid
Sledge Track
Sledge Track
Hardings Park
As the track passes View Point and makes its way up to Platinum Ridge Junction, you enter Hardings Park. From Platinum Ridge Junction you can go either left directly to Red Rock Knob, or right to follow the longer Toe Toe Loop Track. A similar option presents itself when you reach Red Rock Knob where the Platinum Mine Loop Track begins. This track provides access to a number of old mineshafts. Visitors to this area should keep strictly to the established tracks as there may be undiscovered mine shafts in the vicinity. Track markers and signage assist in providing directional advice along both these loop tracks.
Argyle Rock
Argyle Rock
Typical Bush
Typical Bush
Sledge Track
Sledge Track
Key Attractions
As you make your way up the Sledge Track there are several sites of interest. Two waterfalls flank the track; the first is Foulds Falls (named after former Parks Team Leader Charles Foulds), and the second is J. White Falls (named after former Mayor of Palmerston North City, Jill White). Both sites are ideal for refilling your drink bottles.

J White Falls

J White Falls

Rimu Tree

Rimu Tree

Foulds Falls
Foulds Falls


Another impressive site along the track is Argyle Rocks. Located in the Kahuterawa Stream, these rocks are a spectacular sight after rainfall when water cascades over them.

A large rimu tree believed to be 600 - 800 years old is located between J White Falls and Pritchard's Point approximately 40 - 50 minutes from Kahuterawa car park. This grand statue is truly a majestic site and is estimated to be around 25 metres tall with a 5 metre circumference.

Sledge Track is also home to some interesting fauna including the carnivorous New Zealand native land snail and its main food source the large native worm. This worm can grow up to 60cm long. Also found is a rare centipede that lives under the leaf litter along the track and a large bush dragonfly. Bird life that can be seen or heard along the track includes specifies such as bellbirds, tui, pigeons, kahu (New Zealand Hawk) and the Ruru (Morepork). It is important that all native flora and fauna, particularly the shells from the native land snails, are not removed from the area as this can disrupt important ecological processes.
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Palmerston North City Council supported Sledge Track development by supplying all materials for the construction of the track. Volunteers constructed the track for the enjoyment of all. Please respect all of their efforts in creating this exceptional outdoor recreation community asset.
Track Times Manawatu Sledge Track

Approx Time


Black Bridge Swimming Hole & Picnic Table
10 - 15 mins
Swimming Hole & Picnic Table Argyle Rocks
30 - 35 mins
Argyle Rocks The Elevation
30 - 40 mins
The Elevation Platinum Mines
1.5 hours
Platinum Mine Loop Track  
30 mins
Platinum Mines Kahuterawa Car Park
2.5 hours
Platinum Mines Kahuterawa Car Park via Toe Toe Flat
3 hours

For experienced trampers of moderate - high fitness level a return trip from Kahuterawa car park to Platinum Mines will take approximately 5 -5 - 6.5 hours (including a short lunch stop).

Weather in the Kahuterawa Valley can change very quickly - therefore it is important that walkers are prepared with food, drink and warm waterproof clothing - even for short trips. Sturdy footwear is also advisable. Picnickers should also note the dynamic weather and be wary of flooding if contemplating swimming or crossing streams.
Important Info
Camping and fires (including gas cookers) are not permitted along the track or loop tracks. Hunters may be present at any time
Further Information
* Pamphlet available from Palmerston North City Council on request (Map of Sledge Track)

Palmerston North City Council Customer Service Centre

Private Bag 11034 Palmerston North NEW ZEALAND

Phone: 64 6 356 8199




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