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New Zealand popular tramping, hiking, travel books and magazines for exceptional spectacular scenery and hiking of backcountry New Zealand trails. New Zealand adventure travel is about experience and ensuring that our New Zealand destinations retain their natural character and cultural diversity for future generations. Our New Zealand backcountry environment offers New Zealanders and every tourist visitor something for every age and fitness level with a range from backpacking trips, adventure touring through to mountaineering trips. New Zealand is committed to responsible travel and environmental sustainability. Backpacking adventure travel in New Zealand is about enjoying the experience.
Mt Egmont, North Island
Check out popular hiking and tramping books and magazines on exceptional spectacular scenery hikes, hiking trails, walking, tramping, backpacking, camping available in our New Zealand backpacking back country trails. Explore, experience and enjoy Lord of the Rings spectacular scenery throughout backcountry New Zealand.

Favourite New Zealand Tramping Books

New Zealand hikers guide
This book is a very comprehensive guide for any one planning to go "Tramping in New Zealand" covering everything from water tablets to water tables coastal day walks to five day alpine crossings, with excellent chapters on tramping facts and health and safety, each included walk is given equal priority with maps and sugested itineraries and transport sugestions.
Te Araroa Trail New Zealand

The idea of a walking trail the length of New Zealand has been around for over 25 years. The Federated Mountain Clubs proposed the concept in the mid-1970s, and development of a north-south route was a priority for the New Zealand Walkway Commission.

Mountain Safety
New Zealand Mountain Safety Council provides a number of outdoor safety publications on the New Zealand Outdoors. Exploring untouched bush or high peaks involves venturing deep into the wilderness, far from a base, for a number of days. Tramping, hiking and mountainneering offer a true sense of escapism, isolation and connection with the environment.
101 Classic NZ Tramps
Now in it’s sixth edition, and with over 30, 000 copies sold since it’s first release in 1988, Mark Pickering and Rodney Smith have helpfully revised and updated this attractive guide to 101 classic New Zealand tramps. This new edition includes new photos and regional maps to help readers get into the great outdoors. It also includes the new Hump Ridge circuit
202 New Zealand Great Walks
202 Best Walks is a book with something for everyone: there are walks that suit families, and walks for those who want a real leg-stretcher. Times range from 1–2 hours to 5–6 hours, but all longer walks have shorter 1–2 hour turn-around options. Every walk has been thoroughly checked, with notes on track conditions, access, facilities and walking times, with the added bonus of a topographical map with each walk. 202 Best Walks is the companion volume to Mark Pickering’s best-selling 101 Great Tramps. A special feature of this book is the inclusion of many city walks that explore the scenically surprising corners of New Zealand’s urban areas.
Fodors New Zealand
Fodor's Exploring Guides are the most up-to-date, full-color guidebooks available. Covering destinations around the world, these guides are loaded with photos; essays on culture and history, architecture and art; itineraries, walks and excursions; descriptions of sights; and practical information.
Lord of the RIngs Location

Since the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in cinemas worldwide, to millions of moviegoers and Tolkien fans the world over, New Zealand is now the embodiment of ‘Middle-earth’.

To assist the army of The Lord of the Rings fans to explore ‘Middle-earth’, The Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook is being published by HarperCollins Publishers (NZ) this November. This definitive guidebook to movie locations used in The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers offers a unique insight into the landscape that helped bring JRR Tolkien’s epic tale to life.

Arguably one of the world's greatest walks, the Milford Track is 52km of forests, wetlands, alpine herbfields, and crystal clear streams, all within a dramatically glaciated landscape. The Milford -Kiwi Footpaths Track Guide ensures you miss none of this outstanding walking experience, identifies points of interest often missed, provides a historical, geological, and biological context for the walker, and is a lasting reminder of your journey.
Lonely Planet New Zealand
Lonely Planet Tramping in New Zealand Guide . This is a guide to New Zealand Tramping, hiking and other treks in the country. If you're going to New Zealand - and want to enjoy the country to the fullest - DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THIS GUIDE! I embarked on a 6-week long trip last June with this edition of 'Lonely Planet New Zealand' and fate as my only guides. I was impressed to the max!
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