Travel to remote areas to hear dawn chorus New Zealand Native Birds Kiwi, kaka, Takahe, Kakapo, Robins, Bellbirds, and more New Zealand native birds. New Zealand has an exceptional collection of New Zealand native birds for you to enjoy whilst exploring exceptional spectacular scenery hikes, in our New Zealand backpacking backcountry trails. Explore, experience and enjoy Lord of the Rings spectacular scenery throughout backcountry New Zealand.


Besides exploring hiking trails, tramping, backpacking, trekking, walking, backcountry exploring and enjoying the backcountry. New Zealand, I enjoy hearing the dawn chorus, the distant call of the kiwi as dusk falls, the cry of the kea as it flies above, the chirp of the South Island black robin, the cry of the kaka in the trees, the call of blue ducks by a mountain stream. This is what New Zealand has to offer tourists who explore the backcountry of New Zealand..

Kakapo Recovery Programme

DOC Conservation programme ” Save the Kakapo”. Imagine you wake up one day and are told to look after the last 86 kakapo in the world! What would you do? Well, that is the challenge facing the Kakapo Recovery Programme every day.

Kiwi Recovery Programme

DOC Conservation programme ” Save the Kiwi”. The number of kiwi in the wild halves every ten years. 95 percent of chicks die within six months of hatching. This programme involves research, surveys, and the establishment of offshore populations.

Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of New Zealand

Official website of New Zealand’s leading conservation organisation devoted to the protection of NZ Forests & birds. Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest national conservation organisation. The Society’s mission is to preserve and protect the native plants and animals and natural features of New Zealand.

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected natural area where the bio-diversity of a square mile of forest is being restored. The vision of the Trust is to have the valley clothed in a regenerating native hardwood forest, a forest teeming with life, skinks, geckos and native frogs and, most noticeable of all, bird life. They want to hear the forest ringing with the songs of species once lost to Wellington.

Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust

Details about the world’s rarest penguin, and what’s being done to save them.

The Penguin Page

Information and fact sheets for penguin species worldwide.

New Zealand Birds

Extensive online information about New Zealand Birds, Shore Birds, Rarest Birds, Books, Guides

New Zealand Brown Teal Online

Extensive information about New Zealand’s rarest mainland waterfowl.

Tiri Tiri Matangi Island

This is an open sanctuary managed by the Department of Conservation. It is home to some rare species of birds that can only be seen in sanctuaries or on islands. These include stitchbirds, North Island saddlebacks, takahe, Brown Teal, Little Spotted kiwi. More common species like fantails, tui, bellbirds, North Island robins, and native woodpigeon (kereru) are in great abundance.

Miranda Shorebird Centre

Located about an hour south of Auckland, on the Firth of Thames. Birds commonly seen: Wading birds are there all year round, but the main flocks of godwit and knot are on location between September and March. Wrybill and oystercatchers are around from late January through to July/August. Other species regularly seen are Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Curlew sandpiper, Red-necked Stint, Eastern curlew, Ruddy turnstone, New Zealand dotterel, and Banded dotterel. There are usually a Siberian tattler and one or two Terek sandpipers over the summer as well.

Mt Bruce National Wildlife Centre, Wairarapa

The Department of Conservation’s captive breeding centre for some of the country’s most rare threatened native birds including kaka and kokako is located twenty minutes drive north of Masterton on State Highway 2. Also on view for the public are kiwi, takahe, stitchbird and many more all in a cool forest setting.

Kapiti Island

The island is a closed sanctuary managed by the Department of Conservation. Kapiti is home to birds only seen in sanctuaries or on islands including stitchbirds, North Island saddlebacks, takahe and Little Spotted Kiwi. More common species like fantails, tui, bellbirds, North Island robins, kaka and native wood pigeon (kereru) are in great abundance.

Kiwi Conservation Club Kiwi

Conservation Club offers children the gift of nature, encouraging them to enjoy, understand and love the natural world. Young conservationists enjoy Forest and Bird’s Children’s Club, with fact sheets, quizzes… Useful, interesting.

NZ Birds Birding Sites

Nelson Lakes Rotoiti Recovery Project –