Mt Taranaki

Backcountry New Zealand Adventure Travel lets you explore Native Flora and Native Fauna in backcountry wilderness trails of spectacular New Zealand scenery. Check out New Zealand native flora and fauna in exceptional spectacular scenery of New Zealand backpacking back country trails. Explore, experience and enjoy Lord of the Rings spectacular scenery throughout backcountry New Zealand.

Besides exploring hiking trails, tramping, backpacking, trekking, walking, backcountry exploring and enjoying the backcountry . New Zealand, I enjoy experiencing different native flora and fauna especially alpine plants and native trees and bush in our untouched pristine landscape, and promoting and creating a safe environment for other New Zealander’s to enjoy.

New Zealand Flag Favourite New Zealand Native Flora & Fauna 

New Zealand Alpine Plants

This site is for those interested in the cultivation and ecology of these plants. This website introduces the fascinating plants that grow in the mountains of New Zealand.

The Hidden Forest

A magnificent site featuring a comprehensive photographic index of fungi (mushrooms and toadstools) as well as ferns, mosses, slime moulds, club mosses. . .

Exploring the Kaimai Bush

A detailed guide to the natural history and tracks of Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park.