New Zealand Tramping & Hiking Clubs

New Zealand Hiking and Tramping Clubs enjoy tramping, hiking in exceptional remote areas spectacular scenery exploring backcountry trails of New Zealand. Check out exceptional spectacular scenery hikes, hiking trails, walking, tramping, backpacking, camping available in our New Zealand backpacking backcountry trails. Explore, experience and enjoy Lord of the Rings spectacular scenery throughout backcountry New Zealand.

Whilst backpacking enjoying adventure travel you can experience a safe trip in outdoor recreation but it relies on the right mix of different levels of fitness for different age groups and skill mix of bush, river crossing, navigation, risk management and alpine skills, good trip planning and knowing your outdoor environment. To enjoy your hiking trails, backpacking trails, walking, trekking, tramping and hiking in New Zealand check these favourite websites out on the web.

Favourite Tramping & Hiking Club Web Sites !!!

NZ Land Search & Rescue Inc
SAR Operations in New Zealand can be separated into three main categories :

1. Land Searches

2. Small area sea searches close to shore

3. Wide area sea/air searches


New Zealand Alpine Club – New Zealand’s varied mountains offer a world of backcountry skiing opportunities, and backcountry skiing has been growing in popularity in recent years, as more and more people seek adventure and variety in their skiing experiences. www.alpineclub.org.nz/

NZ Mountain Radio Service – Mountain Radio Service is a safety communications service for use by trampers, mountaineers and others venturing into the bush and mountain areas of New Zealand http://www.mountainradio.co.nz/

NZ Mountain Safety Council formed in 1966 in response to a growing concern over an increasing number of accidents in the bush and mountains. Representatives from a number of government and recreational organisations formed an incorporated society with the goal of enhancing safety in outdoor adventure activities. www.mountainsafety.org.nz