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Journey deep into New Zealand’s last frontier, a land cloaked in mist, mysticism and primordial forest. This unique Great Walk is a hut-to-hut hiking expedition, circumnavigating beautiful Lake Waikaremoana, with secluded beaches, fascinating history and truly breathtaking views. Trace the shoreline of Lake Waikaremoana, the ‘sea of rippling waters.’ Pass giant podocarp trees and remote beaches, and enjoy breathtaking views from Panekire Bluff.

Walking options

Lake Waikaremoana can be walked either from Onepoto in the south or Hopuruahine in the north. It’s not a circuit track and is described here from Onepoto.

For a 3 night / 4 day trip:

  • Day 1 – Onepoto to Panekire Hut
  • Day 2 – Panekire Hut to Waiopaoa Hut
  • Day 3 – Waiopaoa Hut to Marauiti Hut
  • Day 4 – Marauiti Hut to Hopuruahine

Places to stay

There are five huts and five campsites on Lake Waikaremoana. These must be booked in advance.

Camping on the track is only permitted at the designated campsites.

Further Information

Click here for  DOC Information on  Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk