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New Zealanders and overseas visitors have turned to unspoiled hills, forests and coasts of our magnificent New Zealand landscape in search of physical recreation and spiritual solace. Sunrise Track, Hawkes Bay, is one of the safest tracks to be found in New Zealand’s remote backcountry, free from river crossings, well marked and well provided with huts. It may be sensibly tackled by inexperienced provided that their party includes one or two seasoned trampers or hikers. Sunrise Track is encompassed by Mide Eastern Ruahine Forest Park.

Discover Sunrise Track, Hawkes Bay, one of Ruahine Forest parks top destinations for tramping and hiking track adventures – Sunrise Hut, Waipawa Forks Hut, Armstrong Saddle, On the Tops, Maropea Hut and Triplex Stream, Hawkes Bay New Zealand.

Ruahine Ranges are part of the North Island’s Mountainous Divide. Sunrise Track runs through the Mid – Eastern Section Ruahine Forest Park, part of the North Block Road Tracks and areas of Crown Land administered by the Department of Conservation and Department of Lands and Survey. Sunrise Track and its facilities are administered by the Department of Conservation; its rangers are regularly present at huts and on the track in a supervisory or maintenance capacity.


  • Beech, Rimu and Kahikatea Forest
  • Extensive Beech and Podocarp Forest
  • Tussock downs and alpine herbfields
  • Sunrise and Sunset Views – a photographers paradise
  • Three Huts

Sunrise Hut Track is one of the classic tramping or hiking trips of the North Block Ruahine Forest Park Tracks. Sunrise Hut Track is a very popular day hike destination in the Hawkes Bay. Sunrise Hut Track is also a very popular walking track destination for hikers and trampers who do either the Sunrise Hut Track – Waipawa Track Loop, or Sunrise Hut Track – Armstrong Saddle – Maropea Hut – Sunrise Hut Track – Triplex Carpark loop. There are a plethora of huts, and the walking track is generally of a high grade. The distance can deceive, and you should allow different options should bad weather occur. Sunrise Hut is a very popular destination for photographers to admire the sunrise and sunset in both winter and summer seasons, the glorious sunsets are a fair compensation.