New Zealand Flag New Zealanders and overseas visitors have turned to unspoiled hills, forests and coasts of our magnificent New Zealand landscape in search of physical recreation and spiritual solace. Mount Arthur – Tablelands Track is one of the Nelsons Regions premier semi-wilderness experiences situated in the middle of Kahurangi National Park. Tablelands track is a 1 – 2-day link through Cobb Valley, between Flora Car park and the Tablelands Track. Cobb Valley via Lake Peel is a 4-day link through Cobb Valley Tablelands Valley, between Flora Carpark and Tablelands Track; 4 days are needed to get from road end to road end. Westwards from Nelson City in Kahurangi National Park lie the Arthur Range and its culminating peak, Mount Arthur. Further to the west is a great uplifted plateau, the Mount Arthur, Tablelands, and Cobb Valley. Cobb Valley – Tablelands region is one of the most interesting in the country for trampers, hikers and naturalists with its impressive mountain and bush scenery, remarkable botany and geology and interesting human story. Cobb Valley – Tablelands Track is classified as a walking track, tramping track. It is well marked and is usually benched. Many streams along the Cobb Valley – Tablelands Track are usually bridged and can be very flood prone. Strong footwear, backcountry experience and a good level of fitness are required for any trip into the Cobb Valley – Tablelands Track area. Cobb Valley – Tablelands Track, in the heart of Kahurangi National Park, offers a remote experience. Linking Flora car park and the Cobb Valley – Tablelands Track. Cobb Valley – Tablelands Track passes through Cobb Valley, following rivers through lush bush, and traversing saddles. Discover Cobb Valley -Tablelands Track, a top destination for tramping and hiking track adventures – the Cobb Valley -Tablelands Track, Nelson, New Zealand.